Are you ready for your adventure?

‭When visiting Voss, prepare to be amazed by the contrasts. One moment it`s all about the adrenaline ‭and amazing activities, the next about relaxing in the finest of natural landscapes. Throughout the ‭whole year Voss offers an impressive assortment of activities that you can choose from.

‭Let nature take your breath away by flying like a bird in the sky doing skydiving or paragliding. Ski ‭down the many mountains, paddle down the streaming rivers in a kayak or go for a hike in beautiful surroundings.

‭If you are a calmness seeker, stroll around town and visit Vangskyrkja, a medieval stone church from 1277. Or experience Mølstertunet, a beautiful farmstead overlooking the town and Lake Vangsvatnet. ‭Explore the villages in the Voss surroundings or try out a traditional style lamb meat called ‭“Smalahove”.

‭The choice is yours! Welcome to Voss!